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The Scene: Berry Basil Muddle

Berry Basil Muddle

Recently I worked on a story for Event Magazine about local cocktails.  Some stories are more fun then others and this was a pretty fun one.  I got to travel around Huntsville, photographing and sampling (for educational purposes, of course) local cocktails.  Berry Basil Muddle

One of my favorite places was The Scene Bar and Lounge, located in the Bridgestreet Town Center in Huntsville Alabama.  I’ve been there a number of times prior to doing the article, and I especially love their cucumber mojito.  My mouth waters just thinking about it.

The Scene is located in an upscale movie theatre called Monaco.  Monaco is pretty awesome.  It’s the standard stadium seating, big movie theatre but with really comfy Lazy Boy type seats.  There is also a wine vending machine, which is just cool.  But the best part is there is an over 21 section, which eliminates all those pesky (loud) high school kids.  It’s heavenly.   the scene and their drinks

It’s nice to grab a drink and appetizer before or after (or before and after) the movie.  The Scene has the best sushi!  (Yum)

During the shoot I got to sample the amazing Berry Basil Muddle.  It was pink, fresh and fruity.  And came with a fun garnish, which I am a real sucker for.  I would go crazy in Hawaii, especially if I could drink out of a coconut.

The Scene was kind enough to share their recipe with me, so you too can enjoy this drink perfect for the hot months of summer.

Berry Basil Muddle RecipeGo to The Scene, but if you can’t make your own.

Drinks at the Scene