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13 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Hello!! LOVE, LOVE your photos!! They are so beautiful!! I am so happy you stopped by my blog so I could discover yours! I am in love! 😉 Maybe you could share some photo secrets, well, only if you don’t mind – maybe they should be secrets 😉 But I have always such issues with lighting and I found your photos so beautifully lit – amazing!! Well, we’ll be in touch and looking forward to read more from you!! 😉 Sylvia

    • Thank-you SO much Sylvia. That is a huge compliment because your blog is gorgeous. Your photos are amazing, but I always love the share my ‘secrets’ of photography so I would love to help you with any lighting issues. I’ll try to throw some behind the scene shots into the my next post, but for the most part I am using natural light and a couple of reflectors, so nothing overly complicated. I look forward to following you as well! :)

      • Wow! this would be awesome!! can’t wait to read about it!! 😉 let me know when it’s up 😉 aw, and wow, thanks so much for the kind words – means super much coming from you, because you are really a pro!! thanks so much and so glad we found each other in the vast blogging world!! i will be in the lookout for your post! hugs & have a lovely weekend!

      • Will do! Thanks for all the compliments. It made my day, I just started blogging and have been feeling a bit lost, so I really appreciate it. You have a great weekend as well! I hope it is smooth blogging/photographing/cooking for you this week.

  2. You left a comment on our blog, so I thought I’d check you out. Lucky you with the job in food photography. Fun, imaginative work, which is nice because I’m more the sloppy-keep-up-with-the-process kind of guy. I’ll be back. Ken

  3. Like Jody and Ken above, I’m being nosey and checking our your lovely site after you left a lovely comment on my blog. Have to say, I’m a complete newbie in photography in comparison with your sumptuous shots! Wow.. I could only dream!

    • Wow, thanks for the compliment. You are being far too modest, your site looks a beautiful, I would NEVER guess you were a newbie. Thanks for being nosey and visiting my site!

  4. If it’s not betraying your real day job for the NSA, would you mind revealing where you are? I assume you’re in the US now. Ken

    • Hello Jody and Ken, Yes currently live in the south, specially Alabama, but I hail from New England. I’ve moved a lot, so I’ve hopefully made it difficult for the NSA. 😉 Where do you (or I suppose I should say in southern style y’all) come from.

  5. Okay, I just read your latest post. Huntsville, AL? Or are you wandering through the South?


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